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Automatic Loading Dock

Impression Systems & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has developed Automatic Loading Dock for Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
Objective of Equipment
To transfer FG Pallets automatically from Production lines to trucks.
The System in the factory consists of:
Automatic Loading Dock
» Cross Transfer System
» Buffer Dock
» Main Dock with Skates
» Truck Guiding Mechanism
» Load Guiding Mechanism
» Control System with bar code reader

The System receives Pallets from Production Line and Buffers 18 (9 x2) pallets on the Buffer Dock. When all 18 pallets are loaded on the Buffer Dock, the sensor at the front end and rear end detect that the pallets are loaded. The Skates move into the Buffer Dock and are inflated. The pallets get transferred on the Skates. The Skates Transfer the pallets to the Main Dock. Meanwhile, Buffering activity on the Buffer Dock continues.
After the Truck is docked, the operator pushes the load button. The Skates move forward into the Truck. The Skates are deflated and the pallet rests on the raised portion of the Truck platform. The Trolleys return to the Buffer area.
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The system is PLC controlled and is equipped with an HMI with a touch screen.
The HMI will indicate the following to the operator:

» Location of Trolley
» Condition of Trolley – Loaded/ Unloaded
» Faults
» Prompt for entering Truck details after docking

The system is equipped with a bar code reader on both the sides. As the Trolley moves into the Truck, the bar code reader will read the bar code and will pass on the information to the Invoicing software.
Automatic Loading Dock
We are manufacturer of Cranes and our setup is situated at Akurdi, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
Impression Systems & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.